Can you help us improve Specialised Eating Disorder Services? Join the EmpowerED Expert by Experience Forum

EmpowerED Experts by Experience We are looking for people with lived experience of eating disorders to share their views and ideas in helping us to make positive service changes and to influence decision making.

You do not require any formal qualifications join the an EmpowerED Expert by Experience Forum and more information will be shared when you apply.

If you would like to get involved please click here. 

EmpowerED North West Map

EmpowerED is the Lead Provider Collaborative (LPC) for adult eating disorders in the North West.

The LPC is a collective partnership, incorporating a variety of NHS and independent sector providers, working together to drive innovation and efficiency for patient-centred care.

Our partners:

  • Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
  • Priory Health Care
  • Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust
  • Lancashire & South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust
  • Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

What are provider collaboratives?

NHS-Led Provider Collaboratives mark a new era for specialised mental health, building on the success of New Care Models for tertiary mental health services. NHS-Led Provider Collaboratives will: deliver care closer to home, invest in community services, and drive improvements in patient outcomes and experience.

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EmpowerED Experts by Experience are at the heart of everything the Lead Provider Collaborative (LPC) is striving to achieve.

Our Experts by Experience are shaping eating disorder services throughout the North West; this includes attending Clinical Delivery Groups with senior clinicians and influencing decisions at the highest level on the LPD Partnership Board. (We provide additional/optional training for all Experts by Experience, if required).

This year alone, our experts have:

  • Delivered in-person training to over 70 health professionals
  • Provided training sessions to GPs.
  • Presented at the EmpowerED transformation event to senior leads from all partner organisations

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Beyond meetings and training sessions, Experts by Experience are shaping EmpowerED communications, content and branding. This incorporates our literature, website and newsletters. We work alongside experts, and welcome content in all formats; from videos, blogs and creative writing to artwork, graphics and crafts. We want our message to be seen, heard and shared!