Worthy.jpgIn this edition of our “Meet the team” series, we’re introducing you to Stephen Worthington (Worthy), EmpowerED Case Manager for the EmpowerED, Adult Eating Disorders North West Provider Collaborative.

Worthy’s work week typically involves travelling extensively throughout the North West and beyond to ensure that each patient in his case load receives his personal attention.

From Preston to Wirral, and even as far as Glasgow and Kent, Worthy regularly visits different sites to uphold his commitment to patient-centred care. His proactive presence ensures that our services are always striving to perform at the highest standards.

As a Case Manager, Worthy reviews every single referral that comes through EmpowerED. He collaborates with units across the North West and beyond to help make decisions on patient admissions and oversee their care and progress. His role extends to addressing concerns from families and carers, providing them with a point of contact outside the hospital they’re linked to.

Working together with the Head of Quality, Worthy aims to guarantee that all hospitals deliver the same level of excellent care.

Worthy said: “What a lot of people don’t know about me is that I’ve been a clinician for 18 years. I’ve worked up from being a support worker, to staff nurse, deputy ward manager and senior clinician, I’ve been in nearly every position.

“Throughout my career, one of things that has, and will never change, is wanting to know every detail about the people I meet and making sure that I’m always visible and approachable to everyone from the staff across the North West to the people we care for and their families.

“The most rewarding part of my job is seeing out patient recovery journey and ultimately discharge. Watching people recover and reintegrate is a real testament to our excellent healthcare providers in EmpowerED.”

Worthy's top tips:

Keep talking: The experience of being admitted to a ward can be daunting, so he encourages patients to regularly connect with their named nurse, doctor, and everyone involved in their care, including himself.

Help us improve: EmpowerED is always looking for people to help us and help the Provider Collaborative provide better care, and if you have lived experience of eating disorders to please join our Expert by Experience Forum and help us shape the future of services across the region.