PXL_20230228_135723027 (2).jpgOver 70 professionals came together during Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2023 to learn more about identifying, diagnosing eating disorders and to hear feedback directly from EmpowerED Experts by Experience. 

EmpowerED Experts by Experience India, Molly and Ruth, discussed their experiences and what they think clinicians can be doing to improve their communication style and transitions between CAMHS and Adult Mental Health.

You can watch Molly and Ruth give their top eating disorder tips in a short video below:

The training, led by EmpowerED Clinical Lead, Dr Matthew Cahill, was aimed at ensuring that all clinicians, including those that don’t work in eating disorders, are able to:

  • Identify an eating disorder
  • Diagnose an eating disorder
  • What information is needed in an assessment
  • When people should be referred to an eating disorder service
  • How clinicians can help people with eating disorders in their own services
  • Understanding body image and ways to support people struggling with body image

If you would like to learn more about the training delivered please contact EmpowerED, cwp.empoweredforum@nhs.net.