EmpowerED is recruiting Ambassadors and Community Champions

Would you like to make a real impact in your community, and help to improve their health and wellbeing?

EmpowerED, Adult Eating Disorders Provider Collaborative, is looking for people in the community who can volunteer their time to promote adult health, wellbeing, eating disorder services, and families/carers support across the North West.

You do not need any formal qualifications to become an EmpowerED Ambassador/Community Champion as training will be provided. 

Read our Community Champion Feedback: 

BLOG: Elizabeth Collins shares reflections on a recent Community Champions Network Meeting

"Having worked in corporate roles in the NHS for some years, I have always been keen that Experts by Experience and clinicians promoting health and wellbeing for children and young people take centre stage.  Those of us working in administrative roles behind the scenes are very much the backstage crew, out of the spotlight, where the real stars of the show shine.  Whilst we may lack lived experience or the professional training of our clinical colleagues, we are fortunate to spend time in the company of the stars and, being conscious of this privilege, I was keen to explore opportunities to support them in promotion of health and wellbeing.


When I became a Community Champion, I was interested in collaborating with Experts and professionals to signpost others like me, without their skills and knowledge, to supportive resources.


I recently attended a Community Champions Network Meeting, with a focus on eating disorders, which included an informative presentation by Duncan Campbell, Head of Clinical Care and an Occupational Therapist.  Focussed on empowering individuals and promoting education in the community, Community Champions Network Meetings offer an online opportunity for interaction and networking.  The Community Champions joining the meeting included a range of people from diverse backgrounds and it was fantastic to see the positivity and enthusiasm, in addition to a commitment to work with others in a respectful and non-judgemental way.


Duncan's presentation was interesting, informative and accessible.  He had a super presentation style which made me feel welcome and as if I had something to contribute.  Duncan's message about the importance of communication and the language we use really helped me reflect on the Community Champion role and I loved his reference to becoming 'a compassionate listener'.


I was able to apply some of Duncan's advice and reflection in the days following the meeting, when I had a conversation with a teacher at my daughter's school about the language we use concerning food.  I hope the opportunity to participate in such learning opportunities encourages more people to become Community Champions as I found it helpful to inform a conversation soon afterward and, although I'm not one of the stars of the show, it equipped me to provide a bit of signposting from backstage!"  


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