This image shows 3 vital systems of my body, symbolic of: thinking, feeling and functioning. In this image they’re representing the need to address more than just the physical, food, element of an eating disorder and instead consider my pain and vulnerability in relation to each one of these areas.

An ED turns me inside-out; outside-in. It exposes my vulnerabilities (the fleshy organs sit outside their protective cages of bone) and removes my protections. My thinking is damaged and disordered. My emotions and feelings are dampened. My interaction with, and functioning within, the physical world is changed producing altered perceptions and alternative realities.

To emphasise ‘food’ behaviour and collect us under the term ‘Eating Disordered’ is to reduce us to a set of symptoms. This makes, emphasises, reinforces misconceptions and assumptions.

An Eating disorder cuts far deeper than “just eat”. Instead, peek through the layers and connect - outside (manifestations) to inside (vulnerabilities) for each individual.