RENGA Meaning:

Renga is a genre of Japanese collaborative poetry with alternating stanzas of haikus and shorter 2-line moras. Haiku and Mora are both forms of Japanese poem and are structured by numbers of syllables in each line. A Haiku is 3 lines, 5 syllables in the first, 7 in the second, and 5 in the third. A Mora is 2 lines, 7 syllables in each. It's a great introduction to writing because it has a structure to follow, and also is a lovely group writing experience for people who don't feel very confident with writing as it's a collective project. 


EmpowerED Forum created the following RENGA at the Communications workshop in May 2023

Renga Poem


Thought eating disorder

You imagined hollow cheeks

Know a little more


See me, see you sigh

One more weight on the system

Yet you don’t know me


We don’t look a certain way

Trying to fill an impossible mold


Waisted time, weighting list

My wanted life slips away

Every urgent day


I fall through the net

Deteriorate, no help

Too long, too long now


A system built to fail

By those who just don’t know


Perhaps I could talk

Ask you my questions direct

Let you be expert


You should be the door

Slammed shut, uneducated

Challenge your stigma


I can see you listening

Then why don’t you hear me?


Trapped by such thinness

In stasis, a hiatus

Translucent creature are we


Perhaps I should have

Spoken to the elephant

But then… maybe not


Turned away for hurting

Because I don’t let my pain show

Iridescent shell

How can your thinness be strong

Guards my fearful soul


Watching the news

Stigma ridden portrayal

Pours out of the screen


When will they realise

The damage they have done


Breakfast, dinner, tea

Seems easy enough, does it?

Try my head, and see.


Like we don’t matter

Ache of waiting, a half life

Not bad enough. Yet.


Each time we lose another soul


Mental illness has won.